Terms & Conditions

Please familiarise yourself with BYSVA's terms and conditions:


Terms & Conditions

A signed contract outlining the project will be required for all levels of service. A copy will be emailed to you and once signed, and returned to BYSVA prior to commencing work. If work is forwarded prior to this, then it will be assumed that the Agreement is binding. Expenses are additional and will be itemised on the final invoice. These additional expenses may include phone calls, postage, courier services, special stationery etc. Minimal phone calls and emails included in the hourly rate. Payment will be discussed and once agreed upon will be included as part of the Agreement. BYSVA endeavours to provide an error-free product, however final proofreading is the responsibility of the client and BYSVA will not be responsible for any oversight of the client.


ASAP service

For urgent projects that need to be done within 24 hours, a surcharge of 25% applies to the total invoice. Hourly Rates are billed at 1/4 hour increments with a minimum of $45.00/invoice.