Benefits of hiring an Australian Virtual Assistant

I have been asked if I lose work to virtual assistant's overseas who charge less than $10/hr. The simple answer is no. What are the benefits of hiring an local to you virtual assistant? 

  • A local VA understands the culture, often the geographical knowledge that may relate to work they are doing to. 
  • Local time - work will be done in the same business hours that you are working too. 
  • No disrespect to those who's English isn't their first language, but there are things that Australian's say that only Australian's would understand. Have you even recieved a call from a company that offshores their workers? You would have to admit they are often difficult to understand. Or have you had someone offshore translate a document? - I think nothing else needs to be said! 
  • Works with the same currency
  • Has the same cultural understanding
  • Quality virtual assistants have a vested interest in the success of your business. Let's face it, if you are only paying $5/hr I don't that pays them to care if your business thrives or dives. But an independent business owner like myself cares. It is in my best interests as a business owner to "own" my work. It is a direct reflection on me, a fellow business owner. I have a vested interest in making your business administration runs smoothly even more so than an employee. 

S o remember, outsourcing does not have to mean off-shoring. You can outsource to someone lo cal to you.  Who knows? There may even be a VA down the road from you… although it’s not necessary for you to actually meet face-to-face. 

(Remember this can apply to any country in which you work as a VA, not just Australia)

5 Reason You Need A VA

You might need to consider hiring a virtual assistant if:

  1. You feel overwhelmed and can't seem to get on top of things.
  2. You feel you need to focus more on the things that only you can do.
  3. You want to be more productive and less stressed.
  4. You know you need help but can’t afford someone full-time.
  5. You don’t want the hassle of recruiting, hiring, and training a physical assistant.